This is an essential component of any wedding and we definitely recommend adding this to your package with us! We have all different kinds of dance floor lighting available, and some of our more popular options are being shown in this slideshow.   There is typically only a $100 up-charge to add dance floor lighting to your package.

Up - Lighting


Lighting Options

Monogram Projection

This is a lighted table around the DJ booth which makes for a really cool and professional look.  We can match the lighting to the colors of your venue and it really makes any space look 100X better! 

There is a $100 up-charge if you would like to add this effect to your package due to the added amount of set up time that is required.

Dance Floor Lighting

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DJ Facade Lighting

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As you can see from the slideshow of our previous can transform any location from blah to amazing and we can help you make this transformation!

PWDJ is proud to have a partnership with the top lighting company in the industry....Chauvet.  Our company has completed the most advanced training on event lighting in the industry and can transform any venue into a magical space! 

Pricing is dependent on alot of factors, and for that reason the cost can change for each venue. Please fill out the
 FORM on the CONTACT US tab of our site so we can discuss your needs and create a custom price quote for your event.

Up-lighting is an ambient light that is placed around the perimeter of your event space. The light is generally aimed up the wall and toward the ceiling to create a warm glow over the event space. This simple lighting process can easily transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing and energetic environment!

A monogram is a motif of two or more letters, or different custom designs that we can create and project on a wall, floor, or anywhere you would like.  As you can see from the slideshow, this type of lighting can have a dramatic effect on your venue. We can make a custom design for you or you can pick from one of our 103 monogram templates!